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Dr. Edwin Rosenberg & Dr. David Gomberg have devised the Family Assessment to
address conflicts that typically arise after divorce, clog Court dockets
and negatively impact children's adjustment.


What is a Family Assessment?

A Family Assessment:

  • is an assessment that includes the entire family

  • examines persistent problems that consume the Court's time

  • identifies contributing factors and does not seek to blame either parent

  • recommends remedies available to the Court

  • does not recommend changes in custody or parenting time

  • must be ordered by the Court or jointly retained.


What does a Family Assessment entail?

Families undergoing a Family Assessment can expect to be interviewed by the evaluator, this includes parents, children and may include caregivers and extended family members. The parents will be asked to provide collateral information. The evaluator will provide a written report with recommendations.


Benefits of Family Assessment

  • Early identification of the sources of the problem

  • Recommends interventions promptly to avoid chronic problems

  • Quick turnaround time and speedier response to Court

  • Children's needs can be identified and addressed swiftly

  • Limited contact with the children means less stress on the children

  • Brings expert mental health services to families with limited resources

  • Unlike prolonged Custody and Best Interest evaulations that stress the children over a long period of time, this assessment is less disruptive to the children.

  • Offers the Court a view of the problems through the objective eyes of a family oriented psychologist


Early Identification is Essential

The longer a family in conflict waits for an intervention, the harder it is to change the situation. Issues such as visitation can worsen over time. Resistance to visit can progress to refusal to visit, and can result in the total rejection of the parent. Problems will escalate (Police complaints, TRO’s, Domestic Violence, DCPP) if not addressed.

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